dj wicked scorpian we all have you in our prayers

we know your battle is a hard one, but we know you are a strong lady

with all your friends, family, and the listeners praying

I know God is listening.. and he will answer

wicked we love ya and are here for you

Thank you to Eric and Vinny

They are the listeners of the year

They are also the backbone of the station, and keep us going

your songs will go straight to the top as a small tocken of thanks

Our listener of the month is Ray

Ray is one of the castellano boys

As well as supporting Insane Asylum, he works with Eric and Wicked as his Bosses

If that isn't enough to do, he also does the recording of thier songs so we can heat them

We thank you so much for your support and getting the songs to us "NOW" as Wicked demands. LOL

Your requests will go straight to the top


2nd - drew's Birthday (Mysics Nephew)

10th - Wicked Scorpian & Eric Castellano's Wedding Day

13TH - George (Wickeds Dad's Birthday)

25th - Laser9 from Hit~n~split bowl

27th - scott's Birthday (mystics brother)

28th - John from xat chat