please put the following person in your prayers

dj wicked scorpian has been fighting hard to get well

she is a strong, brave, caring, loving, person.

i know it frustrates her to be tired and weak from fighting

but with our love, support and prayers..she will get stronger

lets get our prayers out there to keep get her stronger and well

we love ya wicked and are here for you

Scribbles radio is making changes

We are changing our name from scribbles to The Insane Asylum

since most the staff here are crazy fits!

the other change is we are a all request radio station

so we will be playing all requests whether explicit or not

please come to and watch our changes

Thank you to our listeners of the year Eric and Vinny

Eric and Vinny are the better halves of dj scorpion and Dj door

thank you Both for all your support

we really appriciate all you both do for us

your songs will go straight to the top as our way of saying thank you

Our listener of the month is MARCO

MARCO is found iritating wicked or his dad Vinny

and by the way he is Vinnys favorite son lol

thanks Marco for all your support

all your requests will go straight to the top


1st - Dj widow makers Scribbles Anniversary & Dj Rico Suaves Scribbles Anniversary


10th - Vinny's (erics uncle) Birthday

23rd - Inthedoghouse2 from hitnsplitbowl

25TH - Moonangel42568 from Hit~n~split bowl