please put the following people in your prayers

dj wicked scorpian

she is a strong, brave, caring, loving, and sometimes a very stubborn person.

she needs all our support and she will get stronger

we love ya wicked and are here for you

Wickeds family also needs your prayers to help them through a very tough time

her grandfather is very ill and prayers would help the family get through the next few months

we are here for you all and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you

Doors grandson Kyle and Lady Ashton lost thier baby

they will never know what it is like to hold them in thier arms

please send your prayers to help them get through this very tough time

thank you

Thank you to our listeners of the year Eric and Vinny

thank you Both for all your support

we really appriciate all you both do for us

your songs will go straight to the top as our way of saying thank you

Our listener of the month is Zena

Zena is the beautiful daughter of Vinny

an awesome singer and new mother to Zachariah

thanks Zena for all your support

all your requests will go straight to the top


2nd - MRPEPSI from Blackdragons

10TH - CHARGERKRISTIE from Blackdragons

16th - Willy (Doors Dads) birthday

17th - Tom Dj Mystics Dad's Birthday

18th - Brett Castellano's Birthday (Erics Brother)

19th - Dj Wicked Scorpian & Eric's Engagement

24th - Dj Mystic Angels Mum And dads anniversary

25th - GOLLY from Blackdragons

28th - Papercut from xat chat Birthday